Eat & Drink Westport Restaurants NZ

Nearby Places to Eat & Drink

A few of our favourite places to eat at the Cape, nearby Westport township and beyond;

Cape Foulwind

  • Walk to neighbouring Star Tavern (dine in or takeaway)

Carters Beach (5 minutes drive)

  • Donaldo’s Cafe & Restaurant (dine in or takeaway)

Westport (10 minutes drive to town)

  • Denniston Dog
  • Portside Bistro & Bar
  • Johnny’s Restaurant
  • The Copper Pot (dine in or takeaway)
  • The Yellow House Cafe & Restaurant (dine in or takeaway)
  • Freckles Cafe
  • J’s Cafe 
  • PR’s Cafe
  • Gibby’s Cafe
  • Whanake Gallery & Expresso Bar (takeaway only)
  • Golden Horse Chinese (takeaway only)
  • Nipp-iLicious Japanese (takeaway only)
  • Subway
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