Healthwise Naturopathy & Massage Therapist

Healthwise Naturopathy & Massage Therapist

July 23, 2017 Blog 0
Leeann Hill Massage Healthwise Naturopathy

We are extremely lucky to have Leeann Hill, Healthwise Naturopathy & Massage Therapist, in residence at Cape Foulwind.

Getting There

Bookings are essential – and Leeann’s tranquil location is only a 2-minute drive from Omau Settlers Lodge and less than one kilometre from Tauranga Bay & popular Cape Foulwind Seal Colony.

If you feel like spoiling yourself – a deep tissue massage, naturopathy or reflexology treatment is a wonderful way to spend an hour or so.

You’re in safe hands

In the name of market research I decided to book in for a massage. After all, how can I recommend Leeann to our guests without firsthand experience?

Leanne has been a practicing Naturopath for over 12 years and treats people of all ages and stages, from babies to the elderly. Most of her regular clients are locals from Westport and surrounding areas, but Leeanne also offers her services to our visitors to the region. As mentioned, bookings are essential, as Leeann has a very regular and dedicated clientele here in Westport.

A little bit of ME time…

Sure, I felt a slight pang of guilt on the day of my appointment after spotting Lee in the garden, shoveling river stones into our new rock garden; but I quickly suppressed them as I accelerated past him, waiving a cheery goodbye. Lee muttered a response without even looking up, what a grump!

Leeann greeted me on arrival at their hilltop home overlooking Tauranga Bay. She has a fantastic setup for her business with a separate and well appointed consulting room. I was able to choose my preference of fragrance from an extensive selection of Tui Bee balms, then I was left to get changed. I snuggled under a warm fluffy blanked on the massage table, which had been preheated with an electric blanket and settled in for a blissful hour of me-time.

Healthwise Naturopathy Leeann Hill Tauranga Bay

Starting with my feet and working her way up, Leeann found kinks and knots in my muscles that I didn’t know were there. Actually, truth be told, she found muscles I didn’t know were there! It was so relaxing… I could easily have fallen asleep then and there. My hour was up all too soon, but I’m definitely going back for another session in the very near future.

Completely chilled out and relaxed, I drove back to the lodge, where Lee had moved on from shoveling stones to wrestling with a big flax bush which stubbornly refused to be removed from the garden.

Not wanting to spoil my aura of calm tranquility, I quickly scuttled inside the house for a somewhat guilt free afternoon nap.

More Information

Leeann Hill e p 03 789 5408 m 027 490 945
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