Denniston Dog Restaurant & Bar

Denniston Dog Restaurant & Bar

October 23, 2018 Blog 0
Denniston Dog Westport NZ

Denniston Dog Restaurant & Bar, is a popular and well known family friendly restaurant and bar in the heart of Westport. The décor, photos and memorabilia which adorn the restaurant and bar area are a nod to times gone by and the strong coal mining heritage of the Denniston Incline and the wider Buller region.

The ‘Dog’ as many locals fondly refer to it, is fast becoming one of my favourite places to eat in Westport. They have a good range of options on their menu from light dishes and sharing plates, to hearty mains and stone grill options. For those of you who have not tried stonegill, it’s a unique interactive dining experience where the diner cooks their meal at their table using on a super-heated granite slab. There is a choice of meat and seafood stone grill options available. If the options are too daunting and you simply can’t decide, why not try the stone grill tasting plate for a selection of seafood, beef, lamb and pork. Delicious!

My personal favourites at Denniston Dog are a selection of entrees and small dishes, which are ideal to share with friends, including the margarita flat bread, the spicy salt and pepper squid and their pork, ginger & lemon grass steamed dumplings with dipping sauce.

Whilst, I’m yet to try the Denniston Dog Chocolate Mega Shake… this epic treat is definitely at the top of my list for my next visit!

Getting there

The Denniston Dog is a 15 minute drive into Westport from Omau Settlers Lodge and is located in Wakefield Street. It is recognisable from it’s yellow and red exterior and inviting outdoor seating area.


The Denniston Dog is open from 10am-Late Weekdays and 9am-Late Weekends. Bookings are encouraged over busy times of year. Phone 03-789 5030 to make a reservation, or reserve a table online at

Denniston Dog

18 Wakefield Street, Westport 7825
Phone: 03 789 5030


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